Jennifer Goldsworthy

Transformational Therapy for Mind, Body & Spirit


As a yoga teacher for over ten years, I am very aware of physical touch and subtle body energies, and I am confident in saying that Jen is a master of both. Jen is relaxed and confident with her clients. She is intuitive and communicative about individual needs (she would never give a “routine” massage, because no two people are the same and no one is the same each moment, and I love this about her). Every time I have had a massage with Jen, I somehow effortlessly find myself in a deep state of relaxation. The physical benefits are wonderful – less tension or pain in my body. The emotional benefits are even more profound – from releasing resentments and negativity to accessing creative inspirations. I remember it was after a massage with Jen that my husband and I finally felt ready to take the leap to start a new business, and we did with much success! If I lived in the same town as Jen again, I’d be seeing her every week; her work is priceless. Jen has a true calling to heal and invigorate others, and you feel that when she is massaging you. She has the training and experience to transform lives in the most direct and blissful way.

Alysa, NYC & LA
Documentary Film Maker

I’ve been meaning to e-mail to say thank you again.  The remedy [Jen’s Magic Potion] you made me has been amazing. It has felt just right for me and has really helped me through a stressful period, I think it might have worked too well as I have just landed myself a really good job, much of it down to feeling calmer, clearer and less worried.  The massage treatment [Transformational Emotion-Based Bodywork] you gave me was also amazing.  I will definitely be booking in with you again if you have space. I haven’t finished my remedy yet and shall miss the ritual it imposes on me when I do.

Anonymous, Bristol

Mum & TV Producer


Thank you so much for the amazing massage on Sunday. You worked wonders… no mean feat! It really helped start to untwist me and put me back on the path to balance :)

TN, London

Thank you so much for my massage yesterday – honestly, I feel transformed especially after travelling for the past few months.  I have returned home feeling like a million dollars….

 GO, London

Thank you for such an incredible massage. I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 after leaving your apartment. It was so relaxing and you apply the perfect amount of pressure when massaging.   It was lovely meeting you and felt our chat was very uplifting.

Sophia, Devon

Thank you for a great massage. It felt deeply beneficial. Combined with my Alexander Technique lesson the following day, I think some long-term tension I was holding in my core and shoulders shifted.

Eleanor, Bristol