Jennifer Goldsworthy

Transformational Therapy for Mind, Body & Spirit


"A traditional tarot reading will not just focus on the future, but more importantly, why you are where you are and how you can go forward in a positive way. It is also helpful to look at negative or positive influences that surround you as well as seeing what it is you really need out of life at the time of the reading. The wisdom of the tarot can bring profound clarity and transformation to a situation or issue. All readings are completely confidential." 

- Suzanne Corbie, Tarot Reader and Scholar

The tarot reading session gives an opportunity to be present to one's current situation, a specific query or an area of life where one is seeking new insights, perspectives and guidance.  My interests and experience with Jung psychology, alchemy, archetypes, neuroscience, mindfulness and spirituality not only enhance the readings but also are also grounded in universal truths.

Disclaimer:  I firmly believe everyone possesses the innate gift of free will.  I believe people need to take the responsibility for the life choices in their own lives.  I offer support and guidance on how to make an informed decision through the card reading, but the path and journey are yours to make.

I can offer Tarot Readings by phone, email, FaceTime or Skype.  By appointment only.  All tarot sessions are currently offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, with an understanding that those who can afford to pay more will, so that those who cannot afford to pay the full price will have access to the power of tarot.  

I also give private one to one readings.  Please contact me to book.