Jennifer Goldsworthy

Transformational Therapy for Mind, Body & Spirit

"We are the living heroes of our own myths.  Once we recognise this concept, we can actualise our own reality and work towards self-individuation."  - Jennifer Goldsworthy

Jennifer was leading a exciting but stressful life in New York working for luxury brands such as Donna Karan and Estee Lauder Companies when she decided to seek some balance in her life.  She was introduced to the transformative powers of massage therapy and Reiki through Wendy Miner, Program Director of the Bendheim Integrative Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, world’s oldest and largest private cancer center in New York City.  This encounter was the genesis of Jen’s holistic healing path.  This is where Jennifer fully understood and experienced the mind, body, soul and spirit connection.

After the devastating events of 9/11,  Jennifer decided to embark on her holistic health calling and enrolled in a 1000 hour massage therapy course at Swedish Institute whilst working full-time at Donna Karan.  She graduated from the Swedish Institute in 2003 with an Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy – Massage Therapy.   From 2005 until to her move to the UK in 2009, Jennifer had worked full-time at one of New York’s top spas, BLISS.  This opportunity working at a busy, high-end spa gave Jennifer the clinical experience to work with many clients from all over the world and fine-tune her massage skills.  She had studied CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute and with Roger Gilchrist.  She received her certification as a Reiki practitioner and a Medical Massage for Cancer Patients training through Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Her current healing practice is focused on the Jungian concepts of the Self. Through the discovery of the heroine, archetypes, alchemy, fairy tales, literature and folklore, Jennifer facilitate sessions where the participant recognises one's own myth in the narrative of one's  life. 






Jennifer is a mother of two daughters and keeps herself sane with outdoor swimming, writing poetry and prose and creating artists books.

Jennifer is currently reading a BA in English Literature at the University of Bristol.  For the past several years, she has been studying the tarot with  Suzanne Corbie.  She is currently enrolled in Suzanne's mentoring programme.